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Nicki Rios


Nicki Rios

I'm the Founder and a Web Accessibility Consultant at Nock & Sparrow where I help companies with web accessibility remediation and accessible website builds. I do audits, compliant front-end development, consulting, and training to help companies expand their markets, show their company values, avoid costly lawsuits, and build internal processes to ensure accessibility long-term.

I'm certified by the IAAP with their highest designation of CPWA, which includes WAS and CPACC certifications. I'm passionate about web accessibility, web standards, front-end architecture, code quality, and UX.

My focus in past front-end development roles was creating pattern libraries for ensuring maintainability, accessibility, and consistent designs across teams of engineers, effectively saving significant development time, increasing quality, and bridging the gap between design and development. Previously, I was a front-end project lead and oversaw teams of developers for ecommerce projects.

I love to share what I know, so teaching and mentoring are incredibly fulfilling to me.

I'm currently looking for a remote job that will allow me to contribute in a meaningful way. If you're interested in speaking with me about this, I'd love to chat! Please reach out on LinkedIn.




If you're interested in working with me, please send me a message on LinkedIn.